Wooden Flooring


We all love to have a pet in our own house whether it is a dog or cat or anything. These innocent animals get friendly very easily and find their own world in your house. They always run everywhere and can get in places where we human can’t get in easily. They can turn an entire house into full of live and fun with their charming and playful nature. Studies have revealed that almost 46 percent of the house owners all over the world have a pet in their house and it is 63 percent in the USA alone. We treat our pet as one of the members of our family but the problem is we can’t expect them to treat the house as carefully as we do.

Our pets often become harmful for the household accessories especially for furniture and floors. Now, we can replace furniture but what about the floors? Pets can be harmful for some particular types of floors. The biggest problem with pets is their nails and teeth. At a young age they love to bite and scratch everything so while choosing the floor we have to be a bit careful. Since you can’t always run behind your pet and see what they are doing, you have to choose a floor that is hard on surface. And the good news is there is a number of flooring types available which are completely pet-friendly. Here we will take a brief look at some of those prevalent flooring types.


Vinyl flooring would be a great selection for your house considering you have a pet in your house. This particular type of flooring sheet and tiles are very strong and long-durable moreover, these are preventive to moisture, scratches and dents. So, it can tolerate the restless activities of your pets. Another feature of this flooring solution is easy cleaning which makes it an obvious choice for the house owners especially, for those having pets in house. You don’t have to do a hard-work to keep it clean and tidy. You can use simple gently-wet clothes or vacuum to remove dust and grit from it. Considering all these features you are not at all asked to sacrifice your style statement at the price of durability. These flooring is available in a huge variety of colors and designs which will no doubt, make it look trendy and stylish.


Opting for the laminate wood flooring can also be an effective alternative for this purpose. It is hard and durable that can bear with the activities by your pets like scratches and dents. You can send of concerns regarding cleaning and maintenance because it is highly preventive to moisture, scratches and dents. You need to clean up any liquid spilled on it as soon as possible to enhance the longevity. Aside from this flooring you can also go for solid oak hard-wood flooring. Though it won’t be the best choice for your requirement yet, this can deal with the torture your pet is very likely to do with the floor provided the nails are trimmed. Therefore, now you know how to make your house a heavenly place for your loving pets to live in.