Oak flooring always provides that classic sophisticated that is needed by everyone. This natural look in your home is possible through high quality solid oak flooring. How do you know that the solid oak that you have chosen is of high quality?


You are ready to spend that little extra money to bring that natural ambiance to your home, why should you compromise on the quality of the flooring that you choose for home.


Solid wood planks are made from the trees that are grown over 100 years; it takes 5 years to mature after they are fully cut to reduce the tension. On reading this, one would surely understand the quality and durability of these solid oak flooring. You can use this oak flooring in all areas of the home except bathrooms. Though this oak flooring is designed to give natural look, it is available in different colors. There are different varieties of laminates available to create same look. Things you should consider while buying quality solidoak flooring.



Quality Solid Oak Flooring


  • If the oak flooring purchased by you is of highest, they will never raise signs of the problem even in a century.
  • Though people say that long and large wooden boards look better, prefer to use small wooden boards that don’t change shape and react less m when compared to large boards. We are know that wood is highly reactive to temperature and humidity changes. You should always prefer to use smaller wooden blocks that maintains their production and shape under any climatic conditions.
  • Though solid oak flooring can be installed on self, taking the professional help for installation is advisable. They will be able to suggest you the right method of installing the flooring like nailing, and sticking. They will advise you about the installation of more wooden board designs that will bring you more sophisticated look.
  • Many of them are confused natural solid oak flooring with the laminate variants available. You should first decide on the amount that you can invest on flooring. Understand that laminate variants of the flooring are not real solid oak flooring. If you are not able to invest a good deal of amount to find natural solid oak flooring, you should go for laminate variants.


As this flooring is expensive, you should decide on the rooms that have to floored with solid oak flooring.