Solid hardwood floors are made up of solid wood. Each board of solid hard wood flooring consists of single piece of hard wood about ¾ inches thick. It is so thick and so it can be sanded down and refinished. Engineered hardwood is versatile and resilient option so that it can be installed in any areas of your home. It is made up of real wood. This kind of flooring will give your home as updated look and feel. Engineered hardwood is made up of core of hard wood or plywood with layer of hardwood be fixed to the top surface. It is more resistant to moisture and heat when you compare this with the solid hardwood. Solid hardwood will expand and contract as per the changes in moisture and temperature. The unique construction of engineered wood will create a structure as similar to buckle. One can install engineered flooring on any level below ground. It is the optimal choice for basement and bathrooms. Both solid wood and real wood engineered flooring are designed to achieve beauty and durability. Their tough surface will stand on any homes. The real wood engineered flooring has various attribute. Due to the expansion and contraction, installers leave the gap between wall and floor to accommodate swelling.



Increased Stability:


Engineered floors have enhanced stability and they provide more resistance to wear and tear. Solid hardwood floors will expand based on humidity levels. Engineered wood floors will act as moisture resistant. They also exhibit more stability. The increased moisture level on real wood engineered flooring is not a problem for most engineered wood floors. Concreted part can be expected in higher level from engineered solid wood. The solid wood flooring can be glued to a wood subfloor. These types of installations are best when concerned to its advantages, since they challenge experienced DIYers. Engineered wood floors can be glued down as same as traditional hard wood. They can also be installed as floating floors in which boards attach to each other float above sub floor. Whoever can install solid hard wood floors, but experience is compulsory. It is to know about the space to leave between natural expansion and contraction.


Identify and Install:


If they are heavily tight, your floor will buckle. If the gap is more, it will become too wide in winter. Solid hardwood flooring will be more suitable when compared to all installation types. With the right tools and planning, one can get impressive results on flooring. Engineered hardwood flooring is an easier option for faster IDY installation. The real wood engineered flooring will come with lock and fold installation system. This simple and two step process eliminates the need for glue. Solid hard needs refinish. Engineered boards require less refinish over its overall life time. Refinishing your hardwood floors needs to be accomplished by DIY, but it require skill and patience. If you are not confident over your skills, you should consider professional advice. The cost of solid and real wood engineered flooring is dependent on the quality of wood. Exotic hardwood will require more cost than engineered flooring.