Real Wood Flooring Tools


Real wood flooring tools are used to install, repair, or remove real wood flooring. We have many varieties of easy-to-use, heavy duty, and extremely high-quality tools for real wood flooring.


Real wood flooring tools are of two types: Repair Tools and Removal Tools. The former is used to repair flooring while the later is used to remove it completely. At, we host the following products:

Floor Cleaners: We keep high-quality floor cleaners that dry immediately. Floor cleaners are perfect for everyday maintenance of floorings.  Our floor cleaners are made by a unique formula using high-tech equipment for a flourishing day-to-day cleaning and additional safeguard against microbes to conserve the luster of the floor. 

Quick Step Installation Set: This set includes every essential tools required for setting up your flooring in a faster and easier way. Using this set, you can do the finest installation of your flooring all by yourself! You will not need a professional to guide you in setting up your floor. It contains tapping block, adjustable spacers, and crowbar.

Carpet Removers: Carpet removers are clamp-like tool used to remove carpets from floor. Carpet removers come in various sizes, types, and prices.

Floor Scrapper: Floor scrappers are used to remove sticky waste from carpets.

Floor Grinders: Floor grinders are used to smoothen and polish tiles.