The dominance of wooden floor over concrete floor


It didn’t happen much that I got spellbound after entering someone’s house. Initially I couldn’t figure out what that made the change then, after a moment, I realized that the flooring was the reason of such a beauty of the house. It was a solid wood floor and was looking just the perfect with all the other accessories of the house. Before that time, I had no idea that hardwood floor can go so suitably with interior decoration of a house.


I wasn’t aware of the fact, don’t at all mean that you are also unacquainted with this spectacular fact. Nevertheless, I would love to spread the awareness to common people so that they can take the opportunity to make their house a heavenly to live in. And this is the reason, I choose this global platform.


Wooden floor is getting acclamation worldwide and mostly in western part of the world. In countries like UK and USA, people, mainly the house owners are prefer wooden floor over concrete floors and the reason being the durability and longevity of this flooring solution. Numerous people have a misconception that wooden floor doesn’t last for long and get easily damaged with any sort of external influence. I completely disagree with this concept and strongly proclaim that if maintained well and according to the instructions, wooden floor can serve you for generations.


As far as wooden floor is concerned, you are provided with two options; solid wood floor and real wood engineered floor. Although, there is not a vast difference between these two. The former is a piece of solid lumber all the way through and the latter is alike plywood and with beauty layer setting on the upper surface. The difference is that the solid wood can be sanded many times as per the need but the engineered wood is so thin that it cannot be sanded more than twice or thrice, at the max. Aside from these facts, what makes this flooring solution even more appreciated is the variety of colors it offers. You will get plenty of options to choose from so that you get the exactly perfect combination for your house or even you can get them painted according to your requirement as well.


After the quality, it is the turn of the “purchase price” which is also more or less the same considering both hardwood and engineered wood. But, in this case, price doesn’t always play the decisive role. There are some lower priced woods that would perform really well if proper care is taken. Moreover, give preferences to well-known suppliers and brands that you trust. Another fact is the JHT (The Janka Hardness Test). This scale put hardness into numbers and higher number describes more hardness. Generally, hardness range within 1000 to 2000 will give a yearlong performance. But, you need to be sure about the species because Black Cherry has a hardness of 950 and Brazilian Cherry is much ahead with 2350 JHT but the later is not capable of bearing high traffic while the former would stand up well.


So, choose your wooden floor wisely and make aesthetic appearance at your house.