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Decorating your home is a great chance to show your creativity and make a beautiful room that you can enjoy. When you are decorating a room which has natural real wood flooring, it is essential to take the floor consider in your design.


Fortunately, real wood flooring will match almost any decorating style that you might be pairing it with. When you think of your hardwood flooring as a design aspect you can use it to tie the rooms in your house together and match your design style throughout the entire house. You should think of your hardwood floors as another wall and think about how they complement the rest of the room.

If you are decorating a room which has real wood flooring, here are some tips:

  • A floor carpet is a best choice and it will create a room with real wood flooring feel more comfortable and warm. It can also keep the floor from scratches of the furniture.
  • If you have dark coloured natural solid wood flooring, you might required a light coloured rug to contrast the floor and make brighter the space. Though, if your flooring is light you can select a patterned and extremely coloured rug which will add visual effect.
  • Let the textiles that you select for the room pick up the colours and textures in your flooring. For example, you can have a decorative pillow with cream or yellow colours which will pick up with warm tones of the wood floors.
  • Use decorative furniture rather than wooden furniture. This will add to the warm atmosphere and avoid having too many various types of wood in one space.
  • When you select the paint colour for the walls, ensure that it is not too similar to the shade of the quickstep elite ue1491. Try to find out a colour which complements the colour of the floor and adds warmness throughout the room.
  • If you are hanging framed photos, try to match the wood frames with the kind of wood in the floor to match it all together.
  • You can try painting three of the walls in a different colour such as cream or light brown, and then using one wall in a bolder and more attractive colour such as red.