Engineered flooring is one of the most popular flooring options, particularly in association to laminate which is synthetic and can appear a bit economical. It is the perfect compromise between a secure wood feel and durability, providing both the magnetism and durability of solid wood floors.

If you want to make natural beauty, a real wood engineered floor is the perfect basis for every style and interior, when laid real wood engineered floor is indistinguishable from solid wood floor.

An engineered board is made from a surface layer or wear layer between 2.2mm and 6mm of real wood and then under more layers of wood running in conflicting directions, this helps avoid any issues with contraction and expansion making it perfect for all areas and unlike solid wood , can be used in conservatories and with underfloor heating.

You can choose from our wide range of designs, styles and colours:

To know more information, contact us, our fully qualified quickstep master installer and master fitter for the national institute of carpet and flooring. It is easier to install, you can “Do it on yourself”.

Low Cost: Here at Quote Your Floor Solutions our real wood engineered floor start at £44.42 per square meter, this is low cost at compare to laminate, but still a huge saving while compared to solid hardwood flooring.

Available in Various Rages: You can find wide range of design styles and colours at Quote Your Floor.

Easy to Install: You have lots of choices, though these kinds of design you can easily to install it as a floating floor instead of laminates.

Durability: Quote Your Floor offers engineered floors for decorating your home. A quality product that is known for its beautiful looks and wonderful Durability, OAK Engineered flooring is also one of the most important thing for reconstructing the stylish finish.

Please order your samples today and find the best engineered wooden floor for decorating your home and office. To know more information, advice or guidance: Please call either Ben or Hussein at our Wigston office on 0116 2571177.

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