solid wood floor


If you are thinking about to install a new floor at your home, you must already have done enough research on flooring. Now you have sufficient knowledge on the variety of flooring with their benefits and drawbacks.


Made from deciduous trees for example oak, American walnut or Canadian maple, this type of wood is a one piece of three to five inches solid wood.


Solid hard wood floor is the first option when it comes to installing a new floor at your home or work place. It’s available with enormous benefits and has few drawbacks as huge cost, non-resistant to water and many more. But if you believe you can handle a small list of drawbacks, the attraction and variety given by solid hardwood floors.


Benefits of Solid Hardwood:

  • This kind of wood is long lasting; it is best durable forms of wood flooring.
  • Though it is very costly to install, it gives a very good resale price.
  • It adds value to your house and offers a traditional look.
  • It is the most eye-catching form of wood flooring.
  • Due to its scratch resistant ability, this can be installed in high traffic areas.
  • It is simple to maintain and repair.


Different from carpets, solid hardwood floors are not exposed to mildew, smell and dust.

Solid hardwood is available with a huge collection of varieties. You can always be flexible while selecting the design, colour and style of hardwood floor.


It is the mainly appropriate form of flooring for people with respiratory problem and allergies.


Things to remember for Solid Hardwood:

  • The main aspect of this type of flooring is that they cannot grip moisture, Water can mainly harm them.
  • It wants frequent refinishing to maintain its shine and polish.
  • It gets to expand and contract with altered in moisture, which results in topmost buckling and lots of other serious defects.
  • It is not consistence with concrete, but other types of flooring are consistence.
  • It is not a good option for lower grade flooring or basement flooring.


It is very costly compared to carpets, engineered wood and other flooring varieties. They also cannot be installed in areas with unfavourable weather such as very cold or warm environment.


If installed properly, they can last for many years. So, it is essential to call the professionals for flooring installation.