Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is a great choice for any modern home because it is good looking and pleasing on the eye, yet very low on maintenance. Laminate is available with many different styles in wood effect and it looks so real that you might be forgiven for thinking you are walking across wood flooring. Laminate is really smooth and looks better in attractive stone, marble and ceramic designs. Most of the manufacturer’s provides laminate, oak and other type of flooring material, all offer guarantees on their products but even though the durability of laminate flooring, it requires certain level of careful maintenance if you desire to keep it in a good condition.

Life in a Modern Home:

If you have a kid and pet, your laminate floors are probably subject to all types of dust and debris on daily basis. Quickstep elite old white oak natural laminate flooring is more durable than carpet or hard wood flooring, but it isn’t resistance to everything. Dirt, grit, mud, pet hair and all type of other dirty substances quickly increase and unless you clean your floor regularly, it won’t be long before it begins to looks less attractive. Some types of dust immediately damage your floor; grit can easily damage and scratch the surface of the flooring. Thankfully, with a little care and attention, it is very simple to keep laminate flooring nice and clean.


Laminate flooring gives the easiest way to keep on the top of dust and dirt to clean your surface on a daily basis. Use a spongy brush and slowly give the floor a quick look. Sweeping captures any loose grit brought into the home by shoes. It also helps to stop pet hair from collecting in corners.


Sweeping is a fast and simple way of keeping a laminate floor clean, but if you or your family member have skin problem or allergies, it is a best way to vacuum up pet hair and dust instead. Latest vacuum cleaners generally come furnished with hard floor fittings designed especially for laminate and covered floors. Set your vacuum cleaner every time to a hard floor setting because the revolving beater bar can sometimes cause damage.

How not to clean your laminate:

Keep away from polish and wax on laminate flooring because it damages your flooring shine. It is also advisable not to use any severe chemical cleaning products because they may harm the surface of the laminate. For this reason, do not be attracted to use a cleaning product or any other form of strong cleaning products.