How to install laminate floors


Laminate floor is the latest trend of furniture in the office and home decoration. This is the new concept of surface design. It looks trendy and enhances the beauty of surface. Laminate is available in many designs, colour and texture in the tiles. Laminate have become popular in recent years and these floors offers many features, including stunning designs that looks like real hard wood, stones or tile. We can install laminate wooden flooring anywhere in home; it has impressive durability versatility and affordability.

Where to install laminate flooring:

It is suitable for any room and can be installed above ceramic tile, solid tile, and vinyl or ply wood underlayment. It can be installing anywhere in home like kitchen, living room and bathroom etc.


How to install laminate:

Many home proprietors prefer to install their laminate themselves to save money rather than having trained installer do the job. To start anyone corner of the room because it is easy and continue with row by row.


Pre installation guideline:

  • Ensure the subfloor is flat, dry and soft.
  • Use underlayment your laminate floor for strength.
  • Check each floor plank grade, colour, finish, good quality and special effects.
  • Allocate floor material get used to the installation site for as long as possible. This permits the tiles to adjust the room warmth and moisture.
  • Be careful when installing laminate surface over radiant temperature. Make sure that you have read the instruction.
  • Read the installation instruction through your laminate tiles supplier or producer.

Installation instruction:

  • Clean the sub floor to remove the dirt and debris, Clear the staples, nails and other debris
  • Eliminate any previous carpeting or wood tiles attach with concrete floor.
  • You can apply the used knife to cut pieces as required while surfacing.
  • To choose direction to lay the planks, considered which wall is largest and well constructed.
  • A good quality visual effect can be get by mixing the planks from 4-5 various boxes.
  • Once measuring the area of the tiles to be covered with it, bring extra 10 % for wastage.
  • Based on your layout you may require to ripe or cut the first row of planks along the length. Begin it with left side of the room and work to the right and calculate the distance between piece and wall.
  • Cover up the extension gaps with moulding when the floor is complete.


Laminate wood engineered flooring presents the living beauty and natural value of real wood together with the elite class home and well atmosphere. Laminate wood Engineered wood floor is bring together of three piece of wood, which include hard wood layer on the top, with the three glued layer simultaneously. It is the top layer, middle layer and bottom layer of the engineered floor.