Engineered Wood Flooring


People who want to install hard wood floors may have probably experienced engineered wood flooring in their search for flooring materials. At the first look, it is difficult to tell the difference between hard wood and engineered wood floors, because it is still real wood.


An engineered wood plank is manufactured of real wood on the top layer with plywood and this creates it long lasting and more resistant to wear and tear. As an outcome, it tends to be more stable than hard wood flooring and that is the why its installation has become a better option for some homeowners.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing Engineered Wood Flooring:

  • Engineered wood flooring installation has many advantages, one of which is cost. Mainly it cost half as much as hard wood floor materials, so people who desire to have wood floors on a low budget may go for this alternative.
  • It has great benefits, when compared to installing hardwood, these floors are comparatively easier to install because the material are pre-finished, so sanding is not essential. It is also simple to clean and maintain, it doesn’t expand or contact if there are any changes in temperature and humidity.
  • It comes with pre finished, gaps become visible upon installation and dropping water onto those gaps may harm your flooring. It also has limited refinishing choices and its life is not as long as hardwood floors, but you can certainly make it last if you go behind your floor installer’s guidance on its appropriate care and maintenance.

Engineered Wood Floors: Installation Process

There are some options for installation and these are nail-down floor, glue-down floor and floating floor. While the installation method is comparatively easy compared to hardwood, fixing errors and inaccuracies is much more convenient with the help of a floor installation expert. looking the help of an expert will not only certify that you are selecting the right floors for your home, but the ensuring look of your floors will be much clear as well.

There are some tools are required while installing engineered wood flooring:

Hand tools: tape measures, framing squire, hammer, jamb saw, glue, coping saw, knife and pencil.

Power cutting tools: desk saw or rounded saw, jag saw compound meter saw.

Installation tools: Air compressor, pull bar and tapping block.